Start DYI Bikinis!

Posted on December 04 2020

Start DYI Bikinis!

If you want to start sewing bikinis, where should you start?

Working with stretch fabrics is very challenging, but yet, possible, so don't be afraid to start!


We often get questions about fitting and it's important to share that the fitting will depend on:

A) A well designed pattern

B) Adjusting the pattern negative ease to the fabric stretch percentages (if needed)

C) The use of elastic and it's tension

D) Your sewing skills

To get started, here are some information regarding how we design our patterns, fabrics we use,etc.

Our patterns are based on a one-piece block in which we have adjusted the negative ease to meet our fabrics requirements of stretch. In this case, we use 12% negative ease. This will probably work with the fabrics you use, unless you're using heavyweight net or sports fabrics.

All our patterns are designed with this block as base and so the fit may be different every time you use different fabric stretches. However, don't be scared since you can do your calculations very easily.

For instance: Our fabric needs 78cm to fit comfortably on a bust of 88cm. This means: (78/88)*100= 88,6% which means 100%-88%= 12%. The negative ease we are using, 12%. If you want to learn more about negative ease, please read THIS.

You can adjust the negative ease on the patterns to meet your fabric stretch percentage (to achieve the comfort we've talked before), but this requires you to learn how to adjust negative ease to the pattern and it will always change when you change fabric technical characteristics of stretch. If you want to know more, please reach us.

Our most common fabric used on the pattern testing is Recycled Carvico 390 VITA. You can see all the specs on the fabric here: 390 VITA

We always use rubber elastic with 8mm width and 0,6 thickness and 0,5 to 0,7cm with 0,5 thick to thin straps.
Seam allowances of 0,8cm for the home sewist overlock or serger are included.
For the reversible patterns, we use 8% negative ease since we will have two fabrics applying tension instead of one plus lining!

You can now start your journey sewing with our patterns and we hope you enjoy!

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