How to make your first bikini - DIY bikini

Posted on May 01 2021

How to make your first bikini - DIY bikini
Wouldn't it be amazing to have bikinis made by you, that are unique and fit your body perfectly? We'll help you achieve that, just bare with us.

Why making your own bikini

It's a hobby, people love it and you will have a unique piece in the entire World!

The skills to build your own bikini

You need to know how to sew of course, at least the basic straight stitch and the over lock. Practice curve lines.

The materials & tools to build your own bikini

You need a couple of things
A sewing machine: if you only have the straight stitch machine, you will need to use an elastic stitch like the zig zag stitch.
Needles - ball point or jersey 70 to 80
Elastic: Rubber elastic 8mm
A kit of lines: polyester or nylon
The fabrics can be very different regarding stretching percentages, weight, chlorine resistance, etc.We will have a specific post regarding fabrics on our blog! We love the polyamide recycled fabrics for the plain options and for the printed options we usually go for the sublimation print Polyester recycled.
It's also important to decide if you are going for a reversible or non reversible piece.
Then, choose the self fabric and the lining. You can use lining for non reversible or you can choose two different self fabrics if going for reversible.
You can find fabrics here:
Portugal: Padrão Bê (Instagram page)
US: Solid stone fabrics
You may also need some accessories, like rings and clasps. This you can find on your local stores or on etsy or at Amazon, but don't forget it must be suitable for swimwear.
Bikini sewing patterns:
As you are now starting go with our triangle bikini pattern, the simplest one and the best to start.

These are distributed in PDF, ready to download and print in A4 paper/legal or letter. Check on our YT channel how to print them, on your size!
Once you get the taste, we have many other patterns for you.
You're ready
Just follow our youtube channel where you can find most of our pattern tutorials and in this case watch the triangle top tutorial here:
Hands to work!
Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and also if you want, come and join our facebook private group where we share ideas, questions, results,etc.

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