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Youtube tutorials on how to sew swimwear diy bikinis

How do I learn to "DIY Bikini" on Youtube?

We have organised 4 Playlists:

- Meet BDC patterns * DIY BIKINI: On this list you can get to know each pattern on short videos before you buy the patterns.

- DIY Bikini Sewing pattern TUTORIALS: Here you will learn in detail how to sew each pattern, some of them include optional videos with alternative methods.

- DIY Activewear sewing pattern TUTORIALS: Learn how to sew our activewear pattern or any pattern you may have

- Bikini Sewing hacks - Tips and tricks * DIY BIKINI - On this playlist you get to know a lot of finishing details, tips and tricks to get the perfect look bikini. Also how to print and assemble patterns.

On each pattern you can find the links to the correspondent videos, or you can search for them on the channel!


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