Annual Membership


Get exclusive access and bonus offers when becoming a member. The annual membership has some extra perks for you!

Adults, kids and also baby patterns with a wide range of sizes.

You have access to all patterns as always PLUS:

On the annual membership you get:

160€ to be used on check out. Use it one time or as many as you want during the month. We will send a Coupon with the amount for the annual membership so you can spend it on our store.

1 pattern per year exclusively designed  for our annual members; this means only the annual members get this pattern and it will not be available on any sales channel.

Access to exclusive members patterns; Some patterns are blocked to members and when you become a member, you can unlock the entire store.

Access to exclusive Tutorials - hacks, pattern transformations plus pattern tutorials; tips and tricks - Unlisted Playlist shared with you when you become member.

15% OFF all patterns on the store (the non members patterns); Already spent your credit (160€) but still need to buy a few more patterns? No problem, use your 15% permanent discount and buy any pattern you want.

Access to partners discounts (fabrics, notions and trims); In development

1 hours/month live with the creator - Q&A One hour every month with a video live chat to help you with your bikini sewing project. One to one so you get to ask everything you need and never leave a project unfinished!


General conditions:

The amount mentioned is given to the customer with a store code and cannot be exchanged for money.

You can at any moment cancel the membership.

There are no refunds in any circumstances.

Annual memberships are re-billed automatically every year.

The money coupon and the discount code sent are not cumulative with any other promotion or discount, neither between themselves.