Monthly Membership


Get exclusive access to bikini patterns, bonus offers and discounts when becoming a member.

Adults, kids and also baby patterns with a wide range of sizes.

You have access to all patterns as always PLUS:

On the monthly membership you get:

15€ to be used on check out. Use it one time or as many as you want during the month. We will send a Coupon with the amount for the monthly membership so you can spend it on our store.

Access to exclusive members patterns; Some patterns are blocked to members and when you become a member, you can unlock the entire store.

Access to exclusive Tutorials - hacks, pattern transformations plus pattern tutorials; tips and tricks - Unlisted Playlist shared with you when you become member.

15% OFF all patterns on the store (the non members patterns); Already spent your credit (160€) but still need to buy a few more patterns? No problem, use your 15% permanent discount and buy any pattern you want.

Access to partners discounts (fabrics, notions and trims); In development


General conditions:

The amount mentioned is given to the customer with a store code and cannot be exchanged for money.

Limited to one use per customer - spend the 15€ in one purchase is mandatory.

You can at any moment cancel the membership.

There are no refunds in any circumstances.

Each month you get a coupon code to spend on our store patterns, however if you decide not to spend it, the coupon will not accumulate to the next month. Each month credit must be spent on that month.

Monthly memberships are re-billed automatically every month.

The coupon and the discount code for the rest of the store are not cumulative with any other promotion or discount neither between themselves.