Bikini bottom pattern Nude


It fits perfectly and it’s great for all the bold girls out there! Very low shape front, this bikini was designed to be a non reversible bottom.

The center back seam makes the teeny back look perfect and the fitting is amazing.

On our tutorial we show you three ways on how to sew this bikini bottom, choose your favorite or try them all!

Difficulty: easy/medium(the connection between the straps and the main pieces are the medium part)

This item includes:

    • PDF pattern for download; Print by size (use layers) and in any paper size! (please refer to our youtube tutorial if any questions)
    • Nested patterns
    • Sizes 2 to 24 - however please check the very low front before you buy the pattern
    • Supplies needed;
    • Size guide;
    • Youtube video with tutorialhere
    • To know how to print the pattern: here